popular Australian Cryptids

1.the Yowie
:the Yowie is an Australian Aboriginal folklore myth the Aboriginal elders say that they are the protectors of the Bush and that your not to show harm to them or the bush however they are believed to be half man half ape like creature that can go up to 8 and a half feet tall and they are believed to reside in the high mountain ranges in the Great Dividing Range.

:Burrunjor is an aboriginal myth and is supposed to be a cross between a reptile and a T-rex and is believed to reside in the Arnhem Land which is a region of the Northern Territory.

:The Bunyip is an Aboriginal legend that hasn't been sighted for a few decades and it is a creature that is described to look like a giant Seal,Dog or Rabbit that can swim in water and is mainly sighting among river banks or billabongs however there is a creature spotted in Walgett,NSW called the Walgett Water dog which strongly resembles the Bunyip.

4.Australian Panther
:the Panther is a feline from Africa however during World War II they were brought over here to Australia as mascots by the American army then in the 1940's after the war ended it was believed that they were then released into the Australian Bush mainly sighted in the Blue Mountains and have been sighted since.
The Thylacine or better known as the Tasmanian Tiger was officially declared extinct in the 1980's after the supposed last Tasmanian Tiger Benjamin died in the Hobart Zoo 5 decades before. But since then there have been many sightings of the Tasmanian Tiger also on mainland Australia and Papua New Guinea 

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