Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Upcoming Tasmanian Tiger expedition and we're looking for eyewitnesses

Hello everyone I'm Jack Tessier founder of the A.C.R.O. And I'm looking for Tasmanian Tiger eyewitnesses in Tasmania, this expedition will be taking place in June and I'm set to leave from Melbourne to Devenport on June 3 or 4, if you or someone you know has had a sighting I'd love to hear from you contact details below.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Australian Panther report from Drouin,Victoria in 2013 received by the A.C.R.O.

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Friday, 31 March 2017

The search for the Hunter Valley Prowler

                        Image via Panther may be no urban myth, says Premier- The Sydney Morning Herald

It is no secret that for a long time there have been mysterious Panther sightings around the Sydney region, Northern Victoria, Blue Mountains/Lithgow region, Grampians, Gippsland.
But there are also lots in the Hunter Valley region including such areas as Barnsley, Morriset, Wyee, Watagans National Park, Medowie and in more rural areas including Stroud and other nearby areas.
                                                    Photo via David Stewart of the Lakes Mail newspaper
                                                    Article: Is this proof of a Wyee Panther?-
I casted this odd print in Wyee a suburb in Lake Macquire in January, 2016 while with my father, I decided to scout this area after it had heavily rained the day before still leaving a muddy trail, I always try and bring plaster with me and I thought that it would be good to scout this area after it had been raining to check for prints and then I came across this print as well as 4 canine prints.
I have had this print looked at by an animal behaviouralist now currently a member of the Australian Cryptozoology Research Organisation- A.C.R.O. (Become a researcher for the A.C.R.O) the article can be found here Possible panther sighting in the Medowie State Conservation Area.

The complete report from Jen Lanci.

A.C.R.O Investigation One - Saturday 9th July 2016- 11.46am 
Introduction- Jen Lanci read a sighting reported in the Port Stephens Examiner newspaper. Local man Andrew Lewer was leaving relatives house late at night December 25th 2015. He was travelling along Ringwood roadFerodale, NSW, Australia, when he saw a large animal in his headlights that had stepped out onto the road in front of him approx 100meters away. He stopped and observed the animal for a few seconds before it moved back into the bushland. He describes the animal as
Height: 2.5-3 feet high/76cm-91cm (Jaguar height 63cm-76cm, Leopard 45cm/80cm at the shoulder) 
Weight: estimated at 50 to 60 kilos (Jaguar weight 56kg-96kg, leopard 23kg-31kg)
Eyes: green eye shine visible 
Coat: colour black.
Possible species given description could be the black Jaguar if a cat or a black dog
Dog breeds fitting above description are: Large crossbreedpossibly black ‘Bull Arab’ type. Great Dane males only reach 80cm at shoulder. Confirmed by Louise Hickey well known dog breed judge
Conclusion on report given: inconclusive. Investigation of area required.

Investigators are: Jen Lanci, ****** ****, *** *******

*Conservation biologist Terry Domico has also taken some interest in this area and sighting. We are yet to speak with or read any reports from Terry.Aim: To prove habitable environment for Alien Big Cats in bushland at Ringwood road Ferodal, NSW, Australia
Method:  using the generalised rule of 3 
1. Food:  looking for evidence of sustainable prey food sources that a big cat would be able to hunt/survive off. This land has Morisset golf course to the north known to have a decent mob of kangaroos residing there. Farm lands with assorted live stock to the east and west. 
Small mammals, mice, aquatic species, birds, livestock.

2. Water source. The area is abundant in fresh water sources. According to Google maps Cobra creek runs through the south end and many smaller creek arms run off a large dam to the east feeding the middle and northern ends of the land.

3. Habitatlots of dense scrub and large wooded areas. Wet lands surround the dam area also.

Initial analyse of area.
Weather: sunny brief periods of cloud cover. 
Temperature: Top of 18deg C. 
Notes: Ground wet from rain for the previous 2 days. Perfect for finding animals tracks. Fire had swept through an area close by 5 months previously in February. Area being surveyed remained untouched by fire. Area surveyed under Hunter Water Corp protection but not fenced to prevent animals moving through area. 

1a. Food 
Evidence of macropods found via footprints left in mud on tracks. Evidence of other animals found:
Owl pellet containing small rodent skeleton and small bird bones. 
Small paw prints look to be possum. 
Plenty of bird wildlife in and around dam. 
Dam reported to be stocked with large fish types such as bass and eel fin catfish.
Rumoured to have feral goats too, but no evidence found of this.

1b. Water is readily accessible from Grahamstown dam (Hunter Water Corp) also smaller farm dams neighbouring this area.
1c. Shelter would be no issue as this area holds a few small rocky outcrops that could contain small suitable caves. Also appears to be a fair few fallen trees that have hollowed out somewhat.
Further evidence found.
Large animal print found along a disused track near a water puddle. Print had 4 large toes and 1 large rear pad, all toes appeared rounded with no obvious claw marks. Substrate was mud over rock and not deep enough to cast. Photos and video taken of print for records. 
Final summary- 
It is possible for a large cat to remain hidden in the dense foliage, plenty of suitable prey species and water available. 
History of reported sightings with no known definitive,irrefutable evidence found or collected. 

Conclusion on whole investigation: Inconclusive but possible with small amount of evidence collected.
GPS co-ordinates                   Paw Print                                                                  Satellite image of area

I had also received other reports and in the Watagans Montains ranges.

a guy clamed that back in the 1980's him and he's wife were driving up to the Hunter Lookout in the Watagans. when a Panther walked across the path in front of them. he said it was as big as Border Colly's but it looked just like a Panther.

And another sighting from the Watagans Mountains
The Watagans Mountains are just north of Newcastle and in the Lake Macquire region of New South Wales known for it's Yowie and Panther sightings. Here is this new report. This eyewitness was riding his trail bike in the Watagans one day when he then saw what appeared to be a Black Panther cross a fire trail. He then says that the fire trail was about 8 feet wide and this creature was about 3 feet down from it's shoulders and the sun was bouncing of the creatures jet black fur giving it a blue tinge. He then after seeing this creature went back home and told his family what had happened.

And this next report is also from Barnsley also in the Lake Macquire area.
The eyewitness was driving near the football fields in Barnsley just after Australia Day 2016 at around 1 in the morning,
when he saw a Black Panther like creature cross the road in front of him.

If you or someone you know has had an encounter with an Australian Panther or another unknown Cryptozoological creature please contact us.
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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Feb, 2017 possible close encounter with a Yowie in the Watagans Mountains, NSW

                                                       Read more about it in the reported sightings page.

If you or someone you know has had an encounter with a Yowie or another    strange creature, please contact us.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Thylacine and upcoming Tasmanian expedition

Just about everyone wants the Tasmanian Tiger to still be alive, there have been multiple sightings on the mainland as well as in Tasmania. Back in 1936 the last supposed Thylacine known as Benjamin had tragically met his fate in the Hobart Zoo.

In 1937 the wildlife parks service believed that the Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger was still going strong in the North West part of Tasmania only a year after the supposedly last Tasmanian Tiger died in captivity. There were knew eyewitnesses coming forward, in June this year I will be making my way down to Tasmania in search of evidence of this rather Extinct or Elusive species.

If you or someone you know has had an encounter with a Thylacine in Tasmania or on the mainland please contact us.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Black Shucks in Australia?

The other night on Friday the 3rd of February I received an unexpected phone call from a woman living in the Mackay Whitsundays region of Queensland,  she called me with a terrifying experience she has had for the past 7 years now on her property.
she lives with her husband and daughter, she describes a dog like creature about 7-7 and a half feet tall on all fours it has pointy ears and devilish eyes, she has seen them since her and her family first moved in but when they did their new neighbours warned them about these creatures and they to have apparently encountered these creatures, and these creatures have also made loud huge howls at night time and often leave large tracks on the property, there are apparently cave paintings near her house that looks very strange that she believes could be affiliated with these creatures.

This is not the first story of Black Shucks in Australia there are Aboriginal folklore stories from Western Australia known as Devil Dogs and they are sighted along the Devil Highway, so maybe they are heavily involved in Aboriginal Mythology?

If you or someone you know have had an encounter with a creature like this in Australia or know some new information on them please contact us.

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Monday, 30 January 2017

1997 possible Panther sighting in the Watagans Mountains

                                           read more about it in the Reported Sightings page
Have you or someone you know had a sighting with an Australian Big Cat or another weird Australian animal. We'd love to hear it.